Vacating Criminal Records

Vacating Criminal Records

A criminal conviction can make it difficult to find or keep a job, find housing, get professional licensing or obtain credit. If you were arrested for or convicted of a crime in Washington State and meet certain requirements, we can help you clear your record. We can also help you have your firearms rights reinstated, so you can hunt and bear arms.

Once your conviction is expunged, Washington State law permits you to state for employment purposes that you have not been convicted.

In Washington State, expungement of a criminal record or criminal conviction is accomplished by Vacating the Criminal Conviction.

In Washington, to expunge records by vacating the conviction does not destroy the file. However, it is possible to destroy, or expunge, an arrest record if the eligibility requirements are met. When an arrest record is expunged, the booking photos and fingerprints are destroyed and removed from the police record.

What Criminal Records can be Vacated?
Generally, you cannot expunge a record in Washington for Class A felonies (the most serious), sex crimes and violent crimes. Additionally, among misdemeanors, the state does not permit a DUI conviction to be expunged. Most other criminal records can be vacated once certain requirements are met.

Hiring an Attorney for Criminal Records Vacation
Criminal defense attorney John Kannin is experienced in vacating criminal records. He can tell you whether you meet the eligibility requirements for criminal record clearing, file a Motion to Vacate your conviction with the court, and in most cases can appear in court on your behalf for the motion hearing.

Kannin Law Firm can help you expunge your Washington criminal record and be free from workplace discrimination and the financial hardship that can come with having a criminal record. Our attorneys serve the greater Seattle, Tacoma, King County area.

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