Firearms Rights Reinstatement

Firearms Rights Reinstatement

The second amendment to the federal constitution allows all Americans to own and possess firearms. The Washington State government takes these rights away if you are convicted of a felony crime or certain misdemeanor crimes.

Once your firearm rights have been taken away, the only way to have them reinstated is to obtain a court order.

Kannin Law Firm can help you get your firearms rights reinstated. Our attorneys will work with you to complete the following steps:

  • Prove that you have completed your sentence in a criminal case.
  • Show that you have paid all fines and fees.
  • Show that you have completed any probation required.
  • Show that you have fulfilled all other conditions of your sentence.
  • Determine whether the crime you were convicted of allows you to request a firearms reinstatement.
  • Determine whether the requisite amount of time has passed before you can request reinstatement (varies).
  • Prepare the necessary legal documents to petition the court for reinstatement and coordinate with prosecuting authorities.
  • Present your case to the court.

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