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When you are initially taken into custody and then you see the criminal complaint including all the empirical proof surrounding you, you may assume that your case is futile. Never, ever throw in the towel! A professional DUI attorney will be able to discover issues that could be used to develop a good case for you. Learn more >




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For more than sixteen years, Kannin Law Firm has been defending clients throughout Washington State amid criminal charges and countering the government & 39 statements in addition to getting the best results. Learn more >






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People who have been affected as a result of another person & 39 carelessness or intentional behavior are frequently entitled to monetary incentives for their reasonable and required medical expenditures and property losses. Learn more >






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Our lawyers have considerable experience in all elements of law enforcement agencies including police and jail misconduct cases, including severe brutality, illegal confinement, and criminal charges, and they practice in both Federal and State courts. Learn more >





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Clients retain the services of John Kannin, an extremely qualified attorney, for a number of reasons, inclusive of dependability, efficiency, and competency. If you have knowledgeable, professional attorneys on your side, you may stand up for your rights and be certain of the right outcome given the evidence and reasons behind your case. Mr. Kannin is known as a hardworking criminal defense and personal injury defense attorney who would also strive for his clients & 39; rights by deploying creative legal defenses, risky tactics, and persuasive legal arguments. Contact Kannin Law Firm for a quick basic session if you have a personal injury claim or are in legal jeopardy. Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle, WA.

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Our lawyers can facilitate you in constructing a strong case and partner with you to develop an investment strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us if you require legal counsel so perhaps, we will discuss the subject in confidentially. Very first discussion is absolutely free. Kannin Law Firm charges fair prices for its services. MasterCard and Visa are authorized. Everyone who qualifies can reap the benefits of our payment choices available.

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Personal Injury Attorney Burien, WA

How many of you have been severely involved in a car crash while on a shopping trip or travelling from one location to another, or perhaps in a major disaster? These are among the disasters that already have led to our clients & 39; physical injury, and they need the help of a personal injury lawyer in Kent, WA and the surrounding South Seattle communities. We have been assisting customers who have been hurt due to the negligence of another individual in obtaining money to make up for their losses for a number of years, and we have managed to succeed since this is our area of competence.

Committed to holding the Insurance Company legally liable for giving you a fair and accurate reimbursement for your losses. Committed to uncovering the secret that will enable you to secure the highest possible monetary settlement in your case. Dedicated to our customers who are not just looking for an exceptional personal injury attorney but are also real people who we help.

Making a Difference
John Kannin has made a great impact on the lives of everyone he has defended. He has helped affected people all around the state of Washington collect financial compensation. For his clients, he has obtained agreements and decrees starting from $2,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.

Personalized Service
Kannin Law Firm P.S. stands out from the mass of certain other personal injury attorneys because of the unique professional assistance we give to you and your accomplices. From the instant you walk through the door to approach us until your lawsuit is settled and you revert back to claim your financial settlement, John and his associates are just one step away from you.

It will be rare for you to meet with the lawyer who will represent you in your complaint against the insurance company. (This would be the insurance company for the individuals or people that caused you substantial damage.)

Proven Commitment = Bigger Settlements
In what may have been a routine instance, John & 39 established record of planning ahead raises the likelihood of a greater reward. Each case is a chance for John and his colleagues to produce a work of art for you. Rather than accepting the insurance company & 39 & quot; suitable and the last dollar deal," we go far beyond to seek the highest monetary settlement obtainable based on the relevant facts and legitimacy of your claim. Mr. Kannin has won multiple jury trials by adopting novel and aggressive techniques.

He has been in court over 65 times to represent clients. He has also gotten significant compensation for his clients through settlement and before the trial by utilizing remarkable persuasion skills. Settlements have lately ranged from $19,500.00 to $100,000.00.
Convenient South Seattle Location
We work hard for every one of our clients and are proud to provide you with the highest level of legal services. Our office is in downtown Burien, conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma, ¼ mile from the 518 Freeway at 119 SW 152nd Street in Burien, Washington. Parking is free right in front of our building, and if you have an electric car, you can plug it in and recharge your battery while you are meeting with us.
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If people have lost their driver’s license the Kent Transit Center is 5 minute walk away.

I will also go to visit people if they are too hurt to travel, I have visited people at their homes and at the hospital after they have asked me to meet with them .  For people who are hurt and on crutches or in wheel chair our office is flat and you can park 3 feet from the front door no steps and wheel or hobble your way in! - John Kannin

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