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DUI Attorneys Seatac WA

Whenever you initially get captured and afterward take a gander at the accuse sheet along with all the logical verification against you, you might accept your case is defenseless. Never surrender! A profoundly gifted DUI lawyer can recognize worries that can be utilized to construct a solid defense case for you. Learn more >





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Kannin Law office has been helping clients around Washington State take a stand against their criminal indictment and check the public authority's affirmations to get improved results for more than sixteen years. Learn more >






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Personal Injury Attorney Seatac WA

Individuals who have been injured because of one more ungraceful or intentional activity are every now and again qualified for financial reward for their suitable and important doctor's visit expenses and property harm. Learn more >






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Our lawyers have broad skill in all parts of police and prison wrongdoing claims, including outrageous viciousness, unlawful detainment, and criminal arraignment, and practice through both Government and State courts. Learn more >






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Representing People in Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Civil Rights Cases

Clients recruit John Kannin, an exceptionally gifted lawyer to address them for an assortment of reasons, including persistence, skill, and capability. You might practice your privileges and be ensured of the best conceivable outcome in view of the proof and realities essential to your case on the off chance that you have talented, experienced lawyers on your side. Mr. Kannin is perceived as a tenacious criminal protection and personal injury defense lawyer who will battle for his client's privileges by utilizing innovative legitimate defenses, trying systems, and persuading legitimate contentions. Assuming you have a personal injury, or claim or are in legitimate trouble, contact Kannin Law office for a free first session. Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle, WA.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our lawyers can lend you a hand in putting up a strong case and can work together with you so you can think up a financial technique that meets your conditions. Assuming you need lawful exhortation, kindly get in touch with us so we might talk over what is happening in private. The absolute first meeting is thoroughly free. Kannin Law office's administration charges are very sensible. Visa and MasterCard are acknowledged. Every one of the individuals who are qualified can benefit from our payment choices.

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Why Kannin Law Firm Is Your #1

Personal Injury Attorney Seatac, WA

Have you at any point been seriously injured in a street accident, or severe road accident while on a shopping binge or heading out from one place to the next, or even in a genuine catastrophe?

These are a portion of the setbacks that have brought about our client's damages and they require the administration of a personal physical injury lawyer in SeaTac, WA, and close by South Seattle areas.
For several years, we have given assistance to clients who have been traumatized because of someone else's shortcomings in recuperating cash to repay them for their misfortunes and we have succeeded as this is our subject matter.

Commitment to hold the Insurance Agency responsible for giving you an impartial and appropriate settlement for your misfortunes. Commitment to finding the key that will permit you to acquire the biggest expected money-related repayment in your claim. Commitment to our clients who are looking for an incredible personal physical injury lawyer however who are real people who we genuinely help.

Making a Difference
John Kannin has left an everlasting impression on the individuals he has addressed. He has helped injured people all over the state of Washington in acquiring money-related remuneration. He has accomplished settlements and decisions going from $2,500.00 to $1,000,000.00 for his clients.

Personalized Service
The specific expert help we give to both you and your colleagues recognizes Kannin Law office P.S. from the group of other personal injury lawyers. John and his group are out there for anybody from the second you stroll in the way to see us till your case is settled and you return to secure your money repayment.
It will be genuinely strange for you to interface with the lawyer who will be protecting you in your claim against the insurance provider. (This is the insurance agency for the individual or people who caused you a major loss.)
Proven Commitment = Bigger Settlements
John's shown record of focusing on detail expands the opportunity of a bigger payout in what might have been an ordinary case. Each case is a chance for John and his partners to make a magnum opus for you. Rather than settling at the insurance agency's "great and the only remaining dollar offer," we exceed everyone's expectations to get the best financial settlement possible relies upon the proof and lawfulness of your claim. Mr. Kannin has figured out how to win a few jury cases by utilizing exceptional and forceful procedures. In more than 65 cases, he has addressed clients at court. Utilizing uncommon discussion tactics, he has additionally acquired impressive installments for his clients generally through intervention and before the preliminary. Settlements have as of late gone from $19,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.

Convenient South Seattle Location
We endeavor persistently for every single one of our clients and hence are glad to offer you the best lawful administrations accessible. Our office is situated in midtown SeaTac, between Seattle and Tacoma, 14 miles out from 518 Road, at 119 SW 152nd Road in SeaTac, Washington. There is free parking simply before our office, in addition to assuming you now have modern electric vehicles, you can connect them and renew your batteries while you associate with us.

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Assuming you require the administration of a lawyer, get in touch with us quickly to book a free, private conference.

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Our office is strategically placed close to I5 exits, and SeaTac Travel Center is a 5-minute walking space.
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We are eager to help you with respect to your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Seatac Wa

SeaTac’s Best Person Injury Lawyer

It has been an honor and privilege to serve the people of SeaTac Washington for the many years that I have lived and worked here. Representing you in person injury cases is my passion and a job I thoroughly enjoy doing. I want you to have a confidence in knowing that if you obtain any type of bodily injury with someone else at fault, you can be certain you are going to get excellent representation in court and everything possible will be done to get you the settlement that you deserve. I want you have that same confidence while driving on any of the three major highways in SeaTac (State Route 99, State Route 518, and the Airport Expressway), visiting places like the Valley View Library or any of the seven city parks, or traveling on the Link Light Rail or RapidRide bus service. In essence, I want you to be confident no matter where you go or what you do knowing that there will always be a lawyer that will have your back when it comes to injuries happening and the legal representation necessary to get the proper resolution.

Why Select Me To Serve Your Legal Needs?

There are four reasons why you should select me to represent you with your personal injury case in SeaTac Wa. Those four reasons are my dedication, my integrity, my knowledge, and my experience.

  1. Dedication- I fully committed to getting every single client I represent the best possible resolution for all of their personal issue cases.  I am relentless in and out of the courtroom using all my legal skillset to make sure you come away with the optimal result for your case.
  2. Integrity- I will not take a case I know is unwinnable or that does not have merit, meaning I will not waste your time trying an unwinnable case and you can be confident in my ability to choose cases based off their merit and not based off what the potential settlement might be.
  3. Knowledge- I have extensive law knowledge built through education, and constant dedication to reading the most up to date legal materials that relate to personal injury and knowing the federal, state, and city laws inside and out so that you get the best representation possible for your personal injury case and get the most knowledgeable person injury lawyer in SeaTac, Washington. 
  4. Experience- I have many years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases in SeaTac, and winning cases in and out of the courtroom, in any number of different cases. I have been the person injury lawyer for people who needed lawyer for everything from serious injuries such as a bad dog bite injury and brain injury to less serious but equally important injuries such as damage to hair caused by a salon or minor injuries incurred during daily activities. I have the experience you need to win your case regardless of the severity of your person injury. 

What Personal Injury Lawyers Do

All personal injury lawyers including the ones local to SeaTac Washington, take care of your needs when it comes to any type of bodily or other injury you may get when out in public, on a job or living in a rented space. The types of injuries covered include all different types of bodily injuries including but limited to: slip and fall, dog bites, brain injuries, and unnecessary injury resulting from medical procedures.  Most of the time the personal injury category covers injuries that were caused with no fault to the person obtaining the injury, but it is not limited to that, there are cases were partial responsibility/fault is enough to earn as settlement for your case. The only instances where personal injury claims would not be possible or even somewhat valid would be if the injury was self-inflicted or solely the fault of the person who obtained the injury. Here is what every quality personal injury lawyer should do for you:

  1. Determination- We must first determine if you have a case that can be brought to court and then it must be determined whether it is winnable or not. Determining if a case can be brought to court or if its winnable depends on whether the case has merit and whether there is enough evidence to suggest wrongdoing by the person the case being brought against.
  2. Strategy- Once, a case is determined to be both with merit and winnable, then the lawyer will come up with a strategy to win the case. This strategy will be shared with you and your input included in the final review.  Ultimately, the lawyer will develop the most effective strategy to get you the resolution you are looking for in your case, and one that does this with the least amount of hassle on you. (For instance, getting a settlement resolved out of court, and not having you need to sit in the courtroom while the case is being resolved). 
  3. Clarity- Your Lawyer should give you a sense of clarity on the case, the strategy to win, what will happen if you win, what will happen if the result is not optimal and lose occurs, and overall make sure you are aware of what will happen in all possible outcomes. This keeps you from being surprised in any of these scenarios or from being unclear on what you will get and what the lawyer will get if the case is settled in your favor.
  4. Resolution- Any personal injury worth their salt will get you the best possible resolution available for your case when they take it on. Best possible resolution is not always your ideal resolution, but it is the absolute best-case scenario in your given situation and case which your lawyer should be fighting with every ounce of their being while they are handling your case. When you file the claim, you are looking to get it resolved and its our job to make sure that resolution is the optimal one available. 

Personal Injury and Other Lawyer Myths

With every profession there are some common, usually unfounded, myths that come along with them. Lawyers and Personal Injury Lawyers specifically are not immune to myths that are usually created by a tiny vocal group of people. These myths are usually based on limited exposure and have no relevant application to the career fields that they specifically target.  So, its time to debunk the myths that target lawyers and the subset of lawyers in the personal injury field specifically. 

  1. Ambulance Chasing- This is one of the most unappealing myths that comes along with entry into the personal injury lawyer profession.  Not only is this myth not true but its also quite illogical, lawyers know the law so they would already know how unethical and illegal this type of behavior would be if they participated in it.  Therefore, it would be completely irrational for a lawyer to risk their entire practice and their law license to pursue something this foolish. 
  2. Will Take Any Case- Another false assumption that lawyers get burdened by, this again is both unethical and illegal. There would be so much risk for a lawyer to take any case that was presented to them.  Think about it, they would be risking losing money at minimum but also losing their law license, and disbarment, and in the worst-case scenarios jail or prison time for just taking any case that was presented to them. We do not do all that schooling just to throw it away that easy, and you have to be intelligent to be a successful lawyer, so the probability of this happening is against those breathe life into this myth.
  3. All About the Money- Another misconception about lawyers is that they are all about the money which for the majority of lawyers could not further from being accurate. Take the pro bono work most do, and add that to the fact that each lawyer puts in extra time and effort to get the best possible result for their clients even if would not guarantee or actually cause an increase in the amount they are paid, and mix that together with how much time, effort, and money is required to become a lawyer, and the result is realizing that people that are all about the money are much more likely to skip a field where this type of effort, time and dedication are required.
  4. Don’t Care About Clients- This is one of the harshest false accusations lobbed at personal injury and other lawyers, to imply in a field where, especially for personal injury lawyers, where your success is our success that we don’t care about you is simply wrong. It would both unethical and against our own best interest to not care about our clients. Most lawyers spend countless hours on cases and pour their hearts into the case to take care of our clients to the absolute best of our abilities, saying we do not care about our clients is a massive fallacy.

If people have lost their driver’s license the Federal Way Transit Center is 5 minute walk away.

I will also go to visit people if they are too hurt to travel, I have visited people at their homes and at the hospital after they have asked me to meet with them .  For people who are hurt and on crutches or in wheel chair our office is flat and you can park 3 feet from the front door no steps and wheel or hobble your way in! - John Kannin

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