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Men. Why Get Married?

If you’re thinking about being married in the state of Washington I would ask you to think seriously about that if you’re a man. Why would you ever want to be married especially here in this state lawfully married? I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a girlfriend or a significant other but what I am saying is you would want to be really careful about being married because for you as a man there’s no benefit to you to being married. No benefit to having a marriage license. You can still have your life with your woman with your significant other. You can have children you can have a life together. But there would be no benefit to you of actually being legally married and the reason why I’m saying that is because once you do get married if you have nothing at the beginning you might think well who cares I’ve got nothing we’re going to build a life together.

But the way the laws of our state are set up as you’re building your life together you’re really building your life and your spouse’s life. But if your spouse decides to leave that life she’s going to leave as 60 percent or more of everything you’ve put together. Yeah, that’s it. So you’re working for her to have 60 percent of everything and you’d only have 40 percent. So it’s kind of taking the romance out of things. But before you get married you certainly do need a prenuptial agreement. If you’re already married you need a post-nuptial agreement. And if you have nothing it’s even more important for you to come and see me now before you have something because that’s what the law of our state is. It’s slanted against men. It’s slanted towards the woman to have your assets. You have spent years working to build your sweat equity.

The toils of your labor building a company or working for a company. All of that 60 percent at a minimum is going to go to your ex-wife if she decides to become an ex-wife. So if you didn’t know that going in. You might want to think about that because if you’re not married then you’re really not going to be paying that. Other solutions to that issue. But a lawful marriage is going to entitle your significant other, wife, to at least 60 percent of everything you own when the time comes to wind up that marriage if you should be so unfortunate to ever have that happen to you.

So that’s why you need a prenuptial agreement. I can help you with that 2 0 6 -5 7 4 -0 2 0 2 is the phone number in my office here in Burien and near the freeway right by the airport so you can call I can come in you can come and talk to me about this I can tell you more about how I can help you and why it’s important for you as a man to have this agreement to protect you going forward with your life. -John Kannin

Divorced Dads: Call Me Before You Pay Any Child Support!

Unfair Child Support Order?

I’m here to talk to dads finding themselves on the wrong end, in a divorce lawsuit, with an order of child support that is not fair.

Divorce is not a family law case. You can draw a big circle around that sign at the courthouse. It says family court in your local courthouse but it’s not about families. It’s about breaking up families, it’s about making people sad, making people angry. Fleecing you have your assets, taking your money, taking your children, making you sad and making you miserable. There are no winners when you walk through the door of a divorce court in Washington state. A commissioner, an appointee by the county to do things that they’re too busy to give real attention to your divorce case and your child support case decides your fate. If you find yourself in a problem with a child support order or the division of child support enforcement, I’d like to help you with that. Divorce Lawyer for Dads Seattle WA

I know about these orders. I found out the hard way through experience. I found out almost in every case when there’s a dad, the orders are not fair. They’re not lawful and they’re really not fully enforceable. What happens is something gets put on a piece of paper and the more people who talk about it and sign on it, the more real it gets. When you look closely at what’s behind the paper, oftentimes it’s not even child support.

I can tell you about a case I was working on where the division of child support got a piece of paper from the court that said child support owed this much. And when I contacted the division of child support to ask them specifically how much in the order is actually child support, as child support is defined by our state legislature, the division couldn’t respond because what was in their child support order wasn’t even child support. Yet they’re trying to collect it like some collection agency lining their own pockets, taking money from you that’s not even owed.

If you think you might fall into a case like this or have such an order, you’ve got to call me for a Free Consultation (206) 257-7950. I can share my experience, strength, and hope for you to overcome your fake child support order. I would tell you don’t pay any of that until you come and see me.