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Persons injured because of the negligent or intentional actions of another are usually entitled to a good amount of financial compensation for their medical expenses, job or wages lost, and even property losses. Learn more >






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Trust, experience, and skill are the main reasons clients retain attorney John Kannin to represent them. With competent, professional counsel on your side, you can assert your rights and be assured of the best possible outcome given the facts and law of your case. Mr. Kannin is known as a tenacious criminal defense and personal injury trial lawyer who will use innovative legal defenses, bold strategy, and compelling legal arguments to fight for the rights of his clients. If you have a personal injury case, or if you are in trouble with the law, call Kannin Law Firm for a free initial consultation. Personal Injury Lawyer Renton, WA

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Our attorneys can help you build a successful case and will work with you to develop a payment plan that accommodates your needs. If you need legal counsel, call us and discuss the matter in a confidential setting. The first meeting is free of charge. Kannin Law Firm's rates for services are very competitive. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We offer payment plans to those who qualify.

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Why Kannin Law Firm Is Your Best Choice

Personal Injury Attorney Renton, WA

Injured on the job or in a car, bike, or other accident?
Have you been seriously injured in a traffic accident, hurt in a fall while you were shopping, traveling, or maybe hurt in a construction accident or on the job?
I handle wrongful death cases in addition to brain injury, and serious bodily injury from car accidents, bike accidents, boat accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, and more.
These are the kinds of cases in which our clients have been injured. And need a personal injury attorney in Renton, WA
Over the years we have helped people who have been injured, as a result of someone else’s mistakes. We expertly recover compensation to take care of the traumas they may have suffered. And this is where we excel.
Committed to Compensation
We are committed to holding any Insurance Company involved responsible for compensating you fully and fairly for your loss. We are committed to finding the keys to unlock the highest possible dollar settlement in your case. We are committed to our clients looking for an excellent personal injury attorney. We are real people helping other real people just looking for help that involves complex laws that protect your individual rights.
Making a Difference
John Kannin has made a huge difference in the lives of those he’s represented. He has helped injured people throughout the State of Washington to get money and justice. Settlements and judgments, he has obtained for his clients range from $2,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.
Personalized Service
Setting Kannin Law Firm P.S. apart from the crowd of other personal injury attorneys is the personalized professional service we provide to you and your loved ones From the time you come in the front door to meet us until your case settles and you return to pick up your settlement check, John and his staff are there for you.
It is somewhat of a novelty, that you will meet with the attorney who is representing you in your case against the insurance company. (That’s the insurance company for the person or entity that harmed you.)
Proven Commitment = Bigger Settlements
John’s proven practice of commitment to detail results in the likelihood of a bigger settlement in what would otherwise have been a routine case.
Every case is a potential masterpiece that John and his staff want to create for you. Instead of stopping at the insurance company’s “best and final dollar offer” we go beyond that which allows us to extract the best possible monetary settlement you can hope for given the facts and law of your case.
Mr. Kannin has won numerous jury trials with innovative and aggressive tactics. He has represented clients at trial in over 65 cases. He has also secured substantial settlements for his clients during mediation and before trial using expert negotiating skills. Recent settlements range from $19,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.
Convenient South Seattle Location
We work hard for every one of our clients and are proud to provide you with the highest level of legal services. Our office is near Renton and I5 in downtown Burien, conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma, ¼ mile from the 518 Freeway at 119 SW 152nd Street in Burien, Washington. Parking is free right in front of our building, and if you have an electric car, you can plug it in and recharge your battery while you are meeting with us.
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Our office is close to I5 exits and
Burien Transit Center is 5-minute walk away.
Wheel Chair Accessible

We look forward to helping you with your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Burien Wa

If people have lost their driver’s license the Burien Transit Center is 5 minute walk away.

I will also go to visit people if they are too hurt to travel, I have visited people at their homes and at the hospital after they have asked me to meet with them .  For people who are hurt and on crutches or in wheel chair our office is flat and you can park 3 feet from the front door no steps and wheel or hobble your way in! - John Kannin

Kannin Law Firm serves the communities of Burien, White Center, West Seattle, Des Moines, Tukwila, Kent, Renton, Federal Way, SeaTac and the greater metropolitan areas.


We are your go-to legal representative when it comes to personal injury law. I'm John Kannin, lead counselor for the firm, and I’m a member of the Washington State Bar Association and Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. My firm is dedicated to providing personalized legal services to individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle and other accidents. My team and I are aggressive, innovative, and experienced trial attorneys who work diligently to get justice for our clients.
I have personally served as lead attorney in civil lawsuits that include a wide variety of legal situations including personal injuries, civil rights violations, fraud and conversion, consumer protection act claims, and breach of contract lawsuits. I’m an accomplished and experienced courtroom advocate representing injured people throughout courtrooms across Washington State.
My associates and I have won numerous jury trials using our aggressive and creative defense tactics. With strong representation methods and undeniable knowledge and presence, we specialize in securing large settlements for clients during mediation and prior to trial. We most often succeed by securing the compensation you are owed without having to ever take the case before a trial judge or jury.
I have spent a lifetime learning and practicing the discipline and leadership that make me a leading personal injury attorney. Before studying law, I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and actively served as an officer. After the Air Force, I received my Master of Management and Juris Doctorate degrees from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. In 1997, I was admitted to the bar by the Washington Supreme Court. I’m also admitted to practice in federal courts in both Washington State and North Dakota.
Kannin Law firm comprises a top-notch team who win court battles for you through our trial experience, life experience, legal knowledge, and pronounced personal style. With a long history of dedication and success, Kannin Law Firm provides excellent comprehensive legal representation and personalized commitment to clients. Made up of a carefully selected group of hard-working, intelligent, and experienced attorneys, my firm and I are proud to fight for you our client throughout every step of the legal process. If you think that you might need a personal injury lawyer in Renton, WA, make sure you call us first. We are the best and brightest, the hardest working and most successful, and we look forward to helping you win your case and receive the compensation you deserve. We are eager to speak with you and offer our advice and services, and we always give free and confidential consultation.

Actual Personal Injury Case Summary

In Renton, Washington, Kannin Law Firm has the experience and skill to most adequately represent you in a personal injury case and secure the best possible outcome. We have the track record and history to prove it. The following is an example of a true case we represented and won.
In November 2007 general contractor Washington Hanover LLC was constructing the twenty-seven story Olivian Tower in Seattle, WA. Hanover hired Otto Rosenau and Associates and SAK Concrete Construction as the subcontractor responsible for concrete work at the construction project. The job included delivering, pouring, and installing concrete on the upper floors of The Olivian.
On November 8, 2007, J.R., soil and concrete testing specialist, was employed by Rosenau and Associates, Inc. to perform special inspection and testing at the construction site. While J.R. was at the worksite, an employee was tasked to disassemble a concrete form on the sixth floor of the building. While working, the employee knocked a seven-pound nail gun off the building which fell and hit J.R. in the head, knocking him to the ground. J.R. landed face-down and briefly lost consciousness. The area where J.R. stood was not red-flagged or cordoned off in any way, although construction was taking place directly overhead.
“Thank God I had that hard hat on, cause I’m certain it would have killed me otherwise,” J.R. said when describing the accident. J.R.’s right shoulder was badly injured as a result of twisting during his fall to the ground and hitting an electrical transformer box. J.R. also suffered a large contusion on his left elbow from the impact of the nail gun.
J.R. suffered significant physical and neurological damage from the accident, including headache, neck stiffness, memory loss, cognitive impairment, excessive sleep, loss of balance, and ringing in his ears. His shoulder injury was so severe that J.R. was unable to resume his previous job activities until October 2008, over a year after the accident. He eventually had to undergo shoulder surgery but was permanently restricted from activities requiring lifting over 30 pounds or requiring repetitive use of the right shoulder and arm at or above the mid-chest to shoulder level.
J.R. hired Kannin Law Firm to handle his personal injury claim. After months of failing to respond to Kannin Law Firm’s settlement demands, Hanover made a low-ball offer of $39,000. This was summarily rejected by the plaintiff, whose medical bills alone were over $40,000.00.
In September 2011 Kannin Law Firm P.S. filed a lawsuit against all parties who were potentially liable, including Hanover, the concrete subcontractor, the property owner, and the owner of The Olivian Tower. Hanover and all the other defendants denied liability.
Kannin Law Firm P.S. worked on proving liability by gathering evidence about the accident, including J.R.’s written and verbal statements, the accident reports created by Hanover, photographic evidence to show the stages of the construction progress, and medical reports.
Kannin Law Firm engaged the services of Rick Gleason, a professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Washington, to testify as an expert witness in the case. After reviewing the evidence, Gleason concluded that contractor failed to comply with administrative code regulations for protecting workers from falling objects because they failed to adequately cordon off the area where construction was taking place. They also failed to put up enough safety netting to prevent construction tools or materials from falling off the building to the ground.
The defendants responded with what we referred to as the “Ping Pong Defense”, claiming that they were not responsible as no one could have predicted that the nail gun would ping-pong off the building at such a trajectory and hit J.R.
The trial was set for April 2012, but after J.R. gave his deposition to Hanover’s attorneys, and Mr. Kannin sent a request for discovery of all of Hanover’s plans and procedures for complying with safety regulations, Hanover’s attorneys suggested a settlement. John Cooper, a professional mediator from Washington Arbitration and Mediation Services, was hired for the mediation which took place on December 21, 2011. After four and a half hours, the case finally settled for $200,000.

Injury and Accident Tips

If you think you may have a personal injury case, Kannin Law Firm in Renton would be happy to offer you the best representation. Here is a quick reference guide to consult if you become involved in an accident or suffer an injury:

Call the police.
Preserve evidence by taking pictures and gathering witness names, addresses, and phone numbers.
Go to the emergency room or hospital to get examined.
Obtain doctors’ reports and follow all medical advice.
Call Kannin Law Firm.

If you think the injury may be your fault, offer aid to anyone who needs it and be sure to gather names and phone numbers and exchange your own information. Wait for the police to arrive, and notify your insurance company.

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal injury?

Personal injury can be both mental and physical and is caused by another person’s negligence or harmful actions. Here are some examples:

-Vehicle accidents, including automobiles, watercraft, trains, and aircraft
-Construction site and other job-site accidents
-Dangerous or defective products
-Animal attacks
-Physical assaults by another person
-Sexual assault
-Medical malpractice
-Elder abuse and neglect
-Toxic chemical or substance exposure

How can I recover money in a personal injury case?

The state of Washington entitles victims to receive monetary damages for losses caused by expenses incurred as the result of injury or accident. Here are some examples:

-Medical expenses incurred
-Lost work income
-Property damage
-Physical disability
-Disfigurement or scarring
-Emotional trauma
-Mental disability
-Pain and suffering
-Medical malpractice
-Wrongful death

How much does Kannin Law Firm charge for personal injury representation?

The Kannin Law Firm takes value and pride in getting justice for victims of personal injury. The way we do that is by securing monetary settlements for the victim. We work hard to meet our client’s needs at a fair price you can afford and through cases in which we can help you collect the money you are owed. Each case is different, and we have several fee agreements from which we choose to ensure that it’s the best agreement for each individual situation. Our payment billing and payment methods are as follows:

-Retainer fees and deposits when we take your case
-Flat fees base on a projected outcome
-Billable hours worked as we carry out the legal process
-Contingency fees in which we only get paid when you collect damages