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At the point when you at first get caught and a short time later looks at the charge sheet along with all the sensible claims against you, you could acknowledge your case is exposed. Never give up! A significantly experienced DUI attorney can perceive stresses that can be used to develop a strong defense case for you. Learn more >


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Kannin Regulation office has been assisting clients around Washington State expressing standing firm against their criminal arraignment and actually looking at the public power #9 insistences to come by further developed outcomes for over sixteen years. Learn more >





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People who have been harmed due to another 39 unacceptable or deliberate action are once in a while qualified for the monetary prizes for their appropriate and significant specialist &39 visit costs and property damages. Learn more >





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Our attorneys have wide expertise in all sectors of police and jail bad behavior claims, including extreme violence, unlawful confinement, and criminal arraignment, and practice through both Federal and State courts. Learn more >





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Trust, experience, and skill are the main reasons clients retain attorney John Kannin to represent them. With competent, professional counsel on your side, you can assert your rights and be assured of the best possible outcome given the facts and law of your case. Mr. Kannin is known as a tenacious criminal defense and personal injury trial lawyer who will use innovative legal defenses, bold strategy, and compelling legal arguments to fight for the rights of his clients. If you have a personal injury case, or if you are in trouble with the law, call Kannin Law Firm for a free initial consultation. Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle, WA

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Our attorneys can help you build a successful case and will work with you to develop a payment plan that accommodates your needs. If you need legal counsel, call us and discuss the matter in a confidential setting. The first meeting is free of charge. Kannin Law Firm's rates for services are very competitive. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We offer payment plans to those who qualify.

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Personal Injury Attorney Federal Way, WA

Clients select John Kannin, an incredibly skilled legal advisor to address them for a variety of reasons, including ingenuity, expertise, and productivity. You could rehearse your rights and be guaranteed of the best possible result taking into account the evidence and real factors vital for your case if you have skilled, experienced legal advisors on your side. Mr. Kannin is seen as a determined criminal insurance and personal injury defense attorney who will fight for his clients; rights using inventive authentic defenses, attempting plan of action, and convincing real conflicts. Accepting you have an individual physical injury issue or are in authentic difficulty, contact Kannin Regulation office for a free first meeting. Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle, WA.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our legal advisors can provide you with assistance in setting up a solid case and can cooperate with you so you can concoct a monetary strategy that meets your circumstances. Accepting you want legal admonishment, benevolently reach out to us so we could talk over what & 39 going on in private. Irrefutably the principal meeting is completely free. Kannin Regulation office 39 organization charges are truly reasonable. Visa and MasterCard are recognized. All of the people who are qualified can profit from our installment options. Call us right now at 206.574.0202

Have you been seriously hurt in a traffic accident, injured in a fall while you were shopping, or traveling, or hurt in a construction accident?

These are the sorts of accidents in which our clients have been injured. And need a personal injury attorney in Federal Way, WA and the surrounding South Seatle areas.
Over the years we have helped people who have been hurt, as a result of someone else’s mistakes, recover money to fix the harms they have suffered. And this is where we excel.
Commitment to holding the Insurance Company responsible for paying you full and fair compensation for your loss. Commitment to finding the key to unlock the most significant possible dollar settlement in your case. Commitment to our clients looking for a great personal injury attorney and who are real people whom we really help.
Making a Difference
John Kannin has made a difference in the lives of those he’s represented. He has helped injured people throughout the State of Washington get money justice. Settlements and judgments, he has obtained for his clients range from $2,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.
Personalized Service
What sets Kannin Law Firm P.S. apart from the herd of other personal injury attorneys is the personalized professional service we deliver to you and your family. From the time you come in the front door to meet us until your case settles and you return to pick up your settlement check, John and his staff are there for you.
It is somewhat of a novelty, that you will meet with the attorney who is representing you in your case against the insurance company. (That’s the insurance company for the person or entity that harmed you.)
Proven Commitment = Bigger Settlements
John ’s proven practice of commitment to detail results in the likelihood of a bigger settlement in what would otherwise have been a routine case.
Every case is a potential masterpiece that John and his staff want to create for you. Instead of stopping at the insurance company’s “best and final dollar offer” we go beyond that which allows us to extract the best possible monetary settlement you can hope for given the facts and law of your case.
Mr. Kannin has won numerous jury trials with innovative and aggressive tactics. He has represented clients at trial in over 65 cases. He has also secured substantial settlements for his clients during mediation and before trial using expert negotiating skills. Recent settlements range from $19,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.
Convenient South Seattle Location
We work hard for every one of our clients and are proud to provide you with the highest level of legal services. Our office is in downtown Burien, conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma, ¼ mile from the 518 Freeway at 119 SW 152nd Street in Federal Way, Washington. Parking is free right in front of our building, and if you have an electric car, you can plug it in and recharge your battery while you are meeting with us.
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Our office is close to I5 exits and
Burien Transit Center is 5-minute walk away.
Wheel Chair Accessible

We look forward to helping you with your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Federal Way Wa

If people have lost their driver’s license the Federal Way Transit Center is 5 minute walk away.

I will also go to visit people if they are too hurt to travel, I have visited people at their homes and at the hospital after they have asked me to meet with them .  For people who are hurt and on crutches or in wheel chair our office is flat and you can park 3 feet from the front door no steps and wheel or hobble your way in! - John Kannin

Kannin Law Firm serves the communities of Federal Way, White Center, West Seattle, Des Moines, Tukwila, Kent, Renton, Federal Way, SeaTac and the greater metropolitan areas.