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Exactly when you first get found out and a brief time frame later glances at the charge sheet along for every one of the reasonable cases against you, you could recognize your case is uncovered. Never surrender! An altogether experienced DUI lawyer can focus on the issues that can be utilized to foster a solid protection case for you. Learn more >





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Kannin Guideline office has been helping clients around Washington State communicate standing firm against their criminal arraignment and really taking a gander at the public power's demands to drop by additionally created results for more than sixteen years. Learn more >





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Individuals who have been hurt because of another's unsuitable or conscious activity are every so often equipped for the financial awards for their fitting and an expert's visit expenses and property harm. Learn more >





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Our lawyers have wide aptitude in all areas of police and prison awful conduct claims, including outrageous savagery, unlawful restriction, and criminal arraignment, and practice through both Government and State courts. Learn more >






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Clients opt for John Kannin, an inconceivably intelligent legitimate counsel to act on behalf of them for an assortment of key factors, including inventiveness, potential, and efficiency. You could practice your freedoms and be ensured of the most ideal outcome considering the proof and genuine variables crucial for your case assuming you have gifted, experienced lawful guides on your side. Mr. Kannin is viewed as a decided criminal protection and personal injury defense lawyer who will battle for his clients; legal rights utilizing advanced legitimate defenses, endeavoring strategy, and persuasive genuine struggles. Taking into account that you have a client with an actual physical issue, or are in credible trouble, contact Kannin Guideline office for a free first gathering. Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle, WA.

Flexible Payment Plans

Our legitimate consultants can give you help with setting up a strong case and can help out you so you can create a payment technique that meets your conditions. Bearing in mind that you need lawful caution, generously connect with us so we could talk over what's happening in our session. Certainly, the very first gathering is totally free. Kannin Guideline office's association charges are really sensible. Visa and MasterCard are perceived. Every individual who is qualified can benefit from a variety of our payment methods.

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Why Kannin Law Firm Is Your #1

Personal Injury Attorney Fife, WA

Have you whenever been really hurt in a street incident, or outrageous road disaster while shopping with your friends or going out beginning with one spot then onto the following, or even in an extreme catastrophe?

These are some of the hardships that have led to our clients; misfortunes and they require the associations of a personal physical issue legitimate counsel in Fife, WA, and close by South Seattle districts.
For a seriously extended period of time, we have given assistance to clients who have been harmed because of someone else's insufficiency in recuperating cash to repay them for their trauma and we have succeeded gradually as we are skilled in this field.

Commitment to consider the respective Insurance Office liable for giving you a decent and legitimate settlement for your occurrences. Commitment to noticing is the key that will permit you to get the best-expected cash-related repayment for your situation. Commitment to our clients who are looking for an astounding individual who represents their physical injury case in any case who are authentic people who we truly help.

Making a Difference
John Kannin meaningfully left an impact on individuals he has tended to. He has helped people in severe conditions all over the region of Washington in getting cash related pay. He has accomplished settlements and decisions going from $2,500.00 to $1,000,000.00 for his clients.

Personalized Service
The splendid expert solutions we provide to both you and people associated with you sets apart Kannin Guideline office P.S. from the social circle of other personal injury lawful consultants. John and his group are out there for anybody from the second you step in through the corridor for visiting us till your issue is resolved and you return to get your money repayment.
It will be truly unforeseen for you to speak with the lawyer who will protect you for your situation against the insurance provider. (This is the insurance association for the individual or people who caused you a huge disaster.)

Proven Commitment = Bigger Settlements
John's history of focusing in on detail becomes the opportunity for a more noteworthy payout in what might have been a typical case. Each case is a chance for John and his assistants to make a work of art for you. Rather than settling at the protection association; uncommon and the only remaining dollar offer, we outperform everyone's suspicions to get the best money-related reimbursement relies on the confirmation and legitimateness of your case. Mr. Kannin has figured out a good method for winning two or three jury cases by utilizing remarkable and serious frameworks. In more than 65 cases, he has kept an eye on clients at court. Utilizing uncommon discussion techniques, he has acquired astonishing segments for his clients generally through intervention and before the preliminary. Settlements have really gone from $19,500.00 to $1,000,000.00.

Convenient South Seattle Location
We endeavor perseveringly for all of our clients and in this way are happy to offer you the best authentic arrangements accessible. Our office is organized in midtown Fife, between Seattle and Tacoma, 14 miles out from 518 Road, at 119 SW 152nd Road in Fife, Washington. There is free leaving not long before our office, as well as expecting you now have the latest electric vehicles, you can plug it in it and reestablish your batteries while you cooperate with us.

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Since you require the assistance of a lawful advocate, contact us quickly to book a free, private one-on-one session.

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Our office is unequivocally situated close to I5 ways out, and Fife Travel Center is only a 5-minute distance.

Open to Wheelchairs

We are restless to help you with respect to your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fife Wa

If people have lost their driver’s license the Federal Way Transit Center is 5 minute walk away.

I will also go to visit people if they are too hurt to travel, I have visited people at their homes and at the hospital after they have asked me to meet with them .  For people who are hurt and on crutches or in wheel chair our office is flat and you can park 3 feet from the front door no steps and wheel or hobble your way in! - John Kannin

Kannin Law Firm serves the communities of Federal Way, White Center, West Seattle, Des Moines, Tukwila, Kent, Renton, Federal Way, Fife and the greater metropolitan areas.