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New DUI Law: Suspects May Retain Driving Privileges

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Under a state law that went into effect in early 2009, aimed at reducing the number of people who drive with a suspended license, motorists arrested for drunken driving can apply for a special driver’s license that will give them full driving privileges as long as they have an ignition-interlock device installed in their car. The device is connected to the vehicle’s ignition system. Before starting the car, the driver must blow into the device. If alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath, the car will not start.

To obtain the new license, motorists will have to pay $100 for a driver’s license, $20 per month to an indigency fund for people who can’t afford to pay for an interlock device, and a $75 per month to a company that maintains the devices. The law also requires that applicants for the license provide proof of insurance.

(Information is taken from an article that ran in the Seattle Times newspaper on December 30, 2008)

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